dSmile Gaming Community

Welcome to Our Latvian dSmile Gaming Community!

This is a place for gamers to connect, share experiences, and have fun together.

Feel free to explore and join the conversation!


  1. Hacking is not permitted, and results in a perma-ban.
  2. Using Exploits/bugs for your advantage is not allowed.
  3. TF2: Stickybombing the spawn door is forbidden.
  4. TF2: Spamming projectiles/bullets from the health cabinet is forbidden.
  5. TF2: Spawnkilling is only allowed with melee. Only exception is spy.
  6. Respect other players and admins.
  7. No mic or text spam.
  8. Stay classy dSmile.
  9. DayZ Expansion: Building forbiden in mission zones.

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